Work in progress

Between the plant watering, ball scratching, and the occasional hallucinatory prolapse of reality, I have actually been working on a book or two. Poems, short stories, and two seperate novels. Here’s a peek at one of them, Thirst. 

The recipe for this particular work was a pinch of Hamsun’s Hunger, a slithering table spoon of The Manchurian Candidate, a handfull of Blade Runner and a sprinkle of my own twisted obsession for everthing dick, arse and dystopian. Based in the cold, detached northern city of Aslow (Edge of the world), someone has mysteriously started to murder service droids on what sounds like a God-sent mission to cleanse mankind of his biggest sin, AI. 

The paths of a porn-thirsty cop, a PI addicted to a parallel universe, and a failing writer plagued by recurring nightmares and vivid hallucinations will cross, as the cold-blooded murders inevitably begin to swallow them all into the same twisted reality they are all trying to escape.

Stay tuned…